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These 8 key benchmark numbers are useful big-picture charts to compare your real estate agency’s website data. From a big picture standpoint, we started by looking at the number of monthly visitors, their bounce rate and how long they stayed on the site. Throw in a speed test, a mobile visitor percentage, and Facebook likes for some quick insights into top issues. Finally, investigate your spam referrers and see how they skew your data.

As I publish this post, our initial data set is small: 8 websites. They average 1500 visitors per month.  These charts will change in real time so please bear with us, they take a bit of extra time to load. Hopefully we will increase our website data set and the results below will become more statistically significant.

If you’d like to register your website on Z-Tracker for free and benchmark your website against this real estate this data set, all you need to do is get connected here!

#1: Visitor Sessions (by month)
#2: Average Session Duration (seconds)
#3: Bounce Rate
#4: Search Sessions (as % by month)
#5: Mobile Insights
#6: Desktop Speed Score (by Google PageSpeed Insights)
#7: Spam Referral Visitors
#8: Facebook Fans (most recent month only)
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