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Here are three great reports to run on yourself each month and then store the results for long-term benchmarks.  Warning: The data behind these reports isn’t stored and available to you, unless you archive them yourselves.

Search Analytics (Google Search Console) are provided to you directly from Google and are a superb look at your overall analytics. This report is a “big picture” report on your overall success in Organic Google. It may need to be seasonally adjusted, depending on your business. Ask your web team to improve upon these, month-in and month-out (or compared to last year for a seasonal adjustment). Pay attention to clicks, impressions, click-thru-rate and position. For a deeper dive, go the “pages” view and see how your pages are performing, page by page.  Or, “queries” view to see the data by keyword phrase. This is is an important report!  Keep in mind: the data is only available for the last 90 days. You will have to archive your own data to do year-over-year comparisons.

Google Search ConsoleCrawl Errors (Google Search Console) >Crawl>Crawl Errors  will show 404 errors on your site that Google has found. It is OK and normal to have some of these, perhaps dozens on an average small business site. BUT, pay attention to them and fix the ones that can or should be fixed. The crawl report is a report to consider acting on. In the example below under “not found”, 22 is the magic number to store for your benchmarks and to act on if it increases.  It is OK if you don’t know how to fix them, but make sure the appropriate person on your team goes through and cleans these up. Buzz Kill: they often reappear.

404 Crawl Errors


74Site Audit Report (Raven Tools) There are many site audit tools available. We like the Raven Site Auditor which looks for broken links, SEO issues, malware, speed issues – a nice diverse audit of your website. Raven’s sister tool, Site Auditor, also has a nice site performance tool that evaluates your website on 20+ other marketing metrics. This is a great chance for you to get a nice score to benchmark, and, a list of actionable items.

Keep in mind this is a computer-audit. It is normal for for your web-team to have legit reasons why the item doesn’t matter or shouldn’t (or can’t) be fixed. That is OK – we are not looking to get a perfect score here, we are looking to maximize our score and keep our eye out for fixable items!


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