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Here is our mobile benchmark data set. We currently use six data points to measure amount of mobile traffic (as a percentage) and its quality (time on site, pages viewed and bounce rate).  Additionally, we use Google Page Speed Insights to benchmark its mobile usability and mobile speed scores.

Percentage of visits (from mobile, monthly) shows us what percentage of all your traffic comes from mobile devices (tablets not included!) for the last year.  That range has been bouncing around 26-30% of traffic the last 12 months.  Curiously, it was at 22% in Nov 2015.

Please bear with us, these charts are rendered in real time and might take a bit of extra time to load. Are you interested benchmarking your website data within your industry? Get free access to Z-Tracker here.

FYI: Here is what that might look like to a user logged into BlizzardMetrics:
Bounce Rate will show us the average bounce rate of mobile users
Pages Per Session
Average Session Duration
The mobile speed score as calculated by Google Page Speed Insights. (Pay attention to only the most recent month for the fullest dataset.)
Mobile Usability Score is from Google Page Speed Insights. The higher the better.  Pay attention to only the most recent month for the fullest dataset
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